Mnemonic devices for different Languages

Trouble with grammar or spelling? These mnemonics might help...


  Mnemonic Device: DR. & MRS. VANDERTRAMPP Explanation: to remember which verbs in French take “être” as an auxiliary. They are almost always used with “être” (be) unless there is
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“affect” and “effect”

  Mnemonic Device: RAVEN R emember A ffect V erb E ffect N oun Explanation: to remember how to use “affect” and “effect” correctly

“AN hour and A half”

  Mnemonic Device: “AN hour and A half” Explanation: To remember when to use “a” or “an.” “An” is used for words whose first syllable sounds like a vowel. “A”
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  Mnemonic Device:  COffee is in the PercOlator. Explanation: To remember how to spell and pronounce PERCOLATOR.

In Spanish, ROPA isn’t ROPE and SOPA isn’t SOAP and the butter’s “meant to kill ya”

  Mnemonic Device: In Spanish, ROPA isn’t ROPE and SOPA isn’t SOAP, and the butter’s “meant to kill ya.” Explanation: ROPA and SOPA are often confused when learning Spanish. Butter in Spanish is
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Mnemonic for Japanese Verbs

  Mnemonic Device: (sung to the tune of “Oh Christmas Tree”) Oh MI NI BI Oh MI NI BI MI NI BI to NDE! Oh I CHI RI Oh I
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Ukuvula = Open

  Mnemonic Device: ukuvula = open   Explanation: In isiZulu, remember the word for open because the letter “u” is “open” at the top. Additional Note: The word “ukuvala,” meaning close,
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  Mnemonic Device: PAD DAN PIN Explanation: to remember sentence structure in German two pronouns (P) in a German sentence – accusative goes before dative two nouns (N) in a
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  Mnemonic Device: Never assume as it makes an ASS out of U and ME  Explanation: to remember the correct spelling for the word ASSUME


  Mnemonic Device: TYRAnny Explanation: To remember how to spell TYRANNY using the name TYRA Banks on America’s Next Top Model.