Mnemonic devices for Electronics

Resistor color code values, formulas and more...

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Power equals I squared R

  Mnemonic Device: Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Power equals I squared R Explanation: power in watts = V * V * I (or in SI P = U * I)

Resistor Color Code

  Mnemonic Device: Better Be Ready Or Your Great Big Venture Goes West Variations: Bill Brown Realized Only Yesterday Good Boys Value Good Work Bad Booze Rots Our Young Guts,
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BB ROY Great British is Very Good Wife

  Mnemonic Device: B.B. ROY Great British is Very Good Wife Explanation: to remember the color code for carbon resistance (resistors) Black Blue Red Orange Yellow Green Brown Violet Grey White


  Mnemonic Device: SCAN Explanation: for the magnetic field induced in a coil (loop) South Clockwise/Anti-Clockwise North


  Mnemonic Device: PEN Explanation: to remember the particles in an atom P rotons E lectrons N eutrons