Mnemonic device for the periodic table

Mnemonic device for the periodic table, table of elements:

The Periodic Table (contributors   include Bob Gayhart and Dean Campbell)

Group 1A (H Li Na K Rb Cs Fr):

  • Highly Nasty Kids Rub Cats Fur
  • Hans liebt Natuerliche Kaese reibt (ueber) (c)zentralsued Frankreich.   (!)

Group 2A (Be Mg Ca Sr Ba Ra):

  • Bearded Muggers Came Straight Back Rapidly.
  • Beer Mugs Can Serve Bar Rats.

Group 3 (B Al Ga In Tl):

  • Big Al Garner’s In Trouble.
  • Big All Gave in Tulsa.
  • Big Al Gave Incomplete Totals.
  • Big Al Gave Innocent Toys.
  • Bob Allen Gave Indians Tennis Lessons.
  • Bears Always Give Indians Trouble.

Group 4A (C Si Ge Sn Pb):

  • Can Silly Germans Snatch Lead?
  • Conniving Sisters Get Snotty Playboys.
  • Can Si Get Snuckered at the Pub?

Group 5 (N P As Sb Bi):

  • New Popes Assign Subordinate Bishops.
  • Never Put Arsenic in Silver Bullet Beer.

Group 6A (O S Se Te Po):

  • Oil is slicker with STP.
  • Old Soldiers Seem Terribly Polluted.
  • Oversized Sailors Sell and Tell about Polo cologne.
  • Oh, she sells the poles.

Group 7A (F Cl Br I At):

  • Frank Cleverly Brought Indian Attire.
  • Fairy Clowns Broil Innocent Ants.
  • Fat Clyde Bribed Innocent Arthur.
  • “Floor Cleaner Broken?” I asked.

Group 8A (He Ne Ar Kr Xe Rn):

  • He Never Arrived; Karen eXited with Ron.
  • He needs our crazy Xerox repairman.

First Row Transition Metals (Sc Ti V Cr Mn Fe Co Ni Cu   Zn):

  • St. Vincent Cried “Mommy!” Feeling Cold Next to   Cold Zombies.
  • Scott Tips Very Counterfeit Money, Feels Cold Near Cubic Zircons.
  • Scary Tiny Vicious Creatures Mean Females Come Nightly to Club   Z.
  • Scotty Vickerman Fee cony cousin.
  • Scott tickled Vanna’s cranium, manager Fred could not cut   in.

Second Row Transition Metals (Y Zr Nb Mo Tc Ru Rh Pd Ag   Cd):

  • Yes sir, Nob. Most technicians rub Rod’s pale silver Cadillac.

Third Row Transition Metals (La Hf Ta W Re Os Ir Pt Au   Hg):

  • Larry’s half taken, Wendy reached out her plate audibly,   Helga.

Lanthanides (Ce Pr Nd Pm Sm Eu Gd Tb Dy Ho Er Tm Yb Lu):

  • Caesar Procrastinated at the Nile, Permitting So Many Europeans   (who were) Getting Turbid (and) Dying (of) Home Urges (erges?)   To Yell “Lutetium!”.
  • Cecil proudly named Pam, Sam, (and) Eugene. Good Tobin dyes   hosiery early tomorrow yellow-blue.

Actinides (Th Pa U Np Pu Am Cm Bk Cf Es Fm Md No Lr):

  • Three planets: Uranus, Neptune, (and) Pluto.  Amy cured Berkeley,   California. Einstein (and) Fermi made noble laws.




  1. Yes it really have sort my problem out I was trying to learn this table since such so long but always uses end up with a great deal of regreat and a time was
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  2. kshitize says:

    ☺this thing is really spectacular .I just gave it a sleazy touch and BAM!whole table in my mind.thanks a lot

  3. this can help me memorize the periodic table…. Thank you it’s our graded recitation for tom. thanks you so much!!!!:)

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