Mnemonic devices for Law

Are there grounds for the use of these mnemonics? Or are these devices illegal? Find out for yourself...


  Mnemonic Device: IRAC Explanation: to remember the equation for legal analysis. Issue of law, Rule of law, Application of law, Conclusion. To study law: What is the issue? What
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Explanation C – State Conclusion on the issue(legal question); R – Rule of Law applied in making conclusion; E – Explanation of the Rule of Law (usually by pointing out
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Explanation Continuous, open, actual, hostile. Adverse possession in American law.

Bacteria, Sex, and Marriage

Explanation Method of remembering 7 statutory grounds for long-arm jurisdiction in the State of Missouri and elsewhere. The subject is Civil Procedure. B = business transactions in the state; C
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Explanation Commercial Paper. Elements of a Negotiable Instrument. S = Signed W = Writing U = Unconditional P = Promise or Order to Pay F = Fixed amount of money
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Requirements for Negotiability:

WOOPS FUN Explanation W = Writing O = On demand or at definite time O = Order or bearer P = Promise or Order to Pay S = Signed F
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Mac L Racs

Explanation The essentials of a contract. Ma= Mutual agreement. C= capacity. L= legality of object. Ra= reality of assent. C= consideration. S= Statute of Frauds (if it applies)