Mnemonic devices for Law

Are there grounds for the use of these mnemonics? Or are these devices illegal? Find out for yourself...


Explanation issue of law, rule of law, application of law, conclusion. the way to study law. know what issue, what is the rule, then apply law to the problem, then
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Explanation C – State Conclusion on the issue(legal question); R – Rule of Law applied in making conclusion; E – Explanation of the Rule of Law (usually by pointing out
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Explanation Continuous, open, actual, hostile. Adverse possession in American law.

Bacteria, Sex, and Marriage

Explanation Method of remembering 7 statutory grounds for long-arm jurisdiction in the State of Missouri and elsewhere. The subject is Civil Procedure. B = business transactions in the state; C
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Explanation Commercial Paper. Elements of a Negotiable Instrument. S = Signed W = Writing U = Unconditional P = Promise or Order to Pay F = Fixed amount of money
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Requirements for Negotiability:

WOOPS FUN Explanation W = Writing O = On demand or at definite time O = Order or bearer P = Promise or Order to Pay S = Signed F
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Mac L Racs

Explanation The essentials of a contract. Ma= Mutual agreement. C= capacity. L= legality of object. Ra= reality of assent. C= consideration. S= Statute of Frauds (if it applies)