Song: Periodic Table of Elements

Mnemonic Device: Songs to remember all 118 elements of the periodic table. See YouTube links below.


How He Lives Beggars Belief, Constantly Nicking Old Foreign Necklaces. Nathan Magee Always Sits Patiently, Seeing Clearly Around, Knowing Careless Security Titillates Very Criminal Minds. Felons Conspire Nightly. Cute Zen Gardens Get Assaulted Seriously. Brothers Karamazov Rob Sorry Youths. Zorro Nabs Mostly Tacky Rubbish. Rhoda Pederson Augments Caddying Income Snatching Siberian Terriers. I Xerox Cashiers’ Badges. Lately, Celia Proclaimed Noddy’s Poems Smashed European Godfearing Taboos: Dying, HomoEroticism, Timid Yobbos! Lutetia Hoffman Tampers With Red Oscilloscope. Irresponsible Poet, Author Hugo Tells Public Big Porkies At Random French Rave. Actually, The Party Upset Nippers, Puking Amply. Camilla Bakes Coffeecake; Esther’s Family Made Nothing. Lord Raffles Daubs Suggestion, Behold His Method, Dashing Roguish Cunning. Witless, Flatulent Whippet Loves Wistful Woman.

Explanation & Link – A mnemonic for all 118 Elements of the Periodic Table. These mnemonics are for the symbols rather than the English names. For example, Tungsten is represented by “With” for its symbol W. Available in song/video format at:

More mnemonics for remembering the Elements of the Periodic Table can be found here…


  1. ayush agrawal says

    thanks very much as it was very helpful for me

  2. Abhishek Sharma says

    Give me easy mnemonics for remembering the periodic table

  3. I need a mnemonic for 11 linking verbs:
    Appear, Be, Become, Feel, Look, Remain, Seem, Smell, Sound, Taste, Turn

  4. good and easy to learn ,effective

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