Mnemonic devices for German

Some nice little helpers to conquer the difficult German language...


  Mnemonic Device: T A M Explanation: This mnemonic gives the sequence (Tenues, Aspirantes, Mediae) of the sound shifts (Lautverschiebung) in Germanic languages, as proposed by Prof. Grimm.


  Mnemonic Device: FUGODE BAMSVANZ Explanation: to remember German prepositions FUGODE – für, um, gegen, ohne, durch, entlang The prepositions for FUGODE are those that take the accusative case. Note:
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  Mnemonic Device: PAD DAN PIN Explanation: to remember sentence structure in German two pronouns (P) in a German sentence – accusative goes before dative two nouns (N) in a
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Blue Danube

  Mnemonic Device: (sung to the tune of the “Blue Danube”) Aus, ausser bei mit, nach seit, von zu Explanation: Rhyme to remember the most used prepositions requiring the dative case.

Ode to Joy

  Mnemonic Device: (sung to the tune of Schiller’s “Ode to Joy” in Beethoven’s 9th Symphony) an, auf, hinter, in, neben, ueber, unter, vor, zwischen Explanation: to remember the German prepositions that can
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O,FUDGE: accusative prepositions

  Mnemonic Device: O,FUDGE Explanation: to remember accusative prepositions ohne, für, um, durch, gegen, entlang

MOACC, PODAT 2-way German prepositions

  Mnemonic Device: MOACC, PODAT Explanation: Two-way prepositions that show MOTION are ACCUSATIVE (MO-ACC); two-way prepositions that show POSITION are DATIVE (PO-DAT).