Mnemonic devices for Chemistry

Need to learn the periodic table, alkanes or redox reactions. Look here for handy memory tools

Song: Periodic Table of Elements

Song to remember all 118 elements of the periodic table. See Youtube below. How He Lives Beggars Belief, Constantly Nicking Old Foreign Necklaces. Nathan Magee Always Sits Patiently, Seeing Clearly Around,
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Mnemonic device for the periodic table

Mnemonic device for the periodic table, table of elements: The Periodic Table (contributors   include Bob Gayhart and Dean Campbell) Group 1A (H Li Na K Rb Cs Fr): Highly
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Harry He Likes Beer But CanNot Obtain Food

Explanation To remember the first few elements of the Periodic Table.


Explanation Chemistry students use the phrase “LEO says GER” to keep the two halves of a redox process straight, since the Loss of Electrons is Oxidation while the Gain of
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Memorize eternal propositions, but pension hectic happy occult nonsensical declarations

Explanation The underlined characters help you to memorize the first ten alkanes: methane, ethane, propane, butane, pentane, hexane, heptane, octane, nonane, decane

Hi Hello Little Beryll Brown Cracking Nuts On Friday. Nellie’s Naughty Magpie Always Sings Pop Songs Clearly After Killing Cathy

Explanation Periodic Table – Atomic Weight 1st Twenty ElementsHydrogen 1, Helium 2, Lithium 3, Beryllium 4, Boron 5, Carbon 6, Nitrogen 7, Oxygen 8, Flourine 9, Neon 10, Sodium 11,
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Acid to Water; All is Well.Water to Acid; What an Accident!

Explanation Use these two mnemonics to help remember that it is OK to add acid to water, but you may get an explosion from the excess heat created by reversing
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Must Every PRefect Be PErfect

Explanation Used to remember the first five alkanes.Methane, Ethane, PRopane, Butane, PEntane

Maggie Enjoys Pacifiers & Bottles

Explanation Use Maggie from the Simpsons to remeber the first 4 alkanes/enes/ynes: Methane, Ethane, Propane, Butane

Please Stop Calling My African Zebra In Latin Class.

Explanation Used to remember the reactivity series. Pottasium, Sodium, Calcium, Magnesium, Aluminium, Zinc, Iron, Lithium, CARBON.