Mnemonic devices for different Languages

Trouble with grammar or spelling? These mnemonics might help...

Au dessus or au dessous?

  Mnemonic Device: If in the air you see a bus, it must be “au dessus.” If on the ground you see a mouse, it must be “au dessous.” Explanation: To
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aequor, marmor, cor decline neuter; arbor feminine

  Mnemonic Device: aequor, marmor, cor decline neuter; arbor feminine Explanation: to remember the gender of Latin nouns


  Mnemonic Device: T A M Explanation: This mnemonic gives the sequence (Tenues, Aspirantes, Mediae) of the sound shifts (Lautverschiebung) in Germanic languages, as proposed by Prof. Grimm.

E.T. was Quiet

  Mnemonic Device: E.T. was Quiet Explanation: To remember a trick when spelling QUIET. Think of the little alien who was a movie star, he was quiE.T.


  Mnemonic Device: Tomorrow, I will go with Tom, or Row. Should I go-go with TOM, OR ROW, Tomorrow? Explanation: To remember how to spell the word TOMORROW.


  Mnemonic Device: FANBOYS For. And. Nor. But. Or yet. So Four Apes Nibbled Big Orange YamS Explanation: to remember coordinating conjunctions. For, And, Nor, But, Or, Yet, So


  Mnemonic Device: There is no Ass in Occasion. Explanation: To remember how many S’s there are in Occasion.

Lose and Loose

  Mnemonic Device: Lose lost an O Explanation: to remember the difference in spelling Lose and Loose


  Mnemonic Device: Wheebo Hates Onions Explanation: to remember how to spell WHO. Make up a bizarre sounding name with W for the first word, which leads to the question: “Who?” Additional
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  Mnemonic Device: FUGODE BAMSVANZ Explanation: to remember German prepositions FUGODE – für, um, gegen, ohne, durch, entlang The prepositions for FUGODE are those that take the accusative case. Note:
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