Mnemonics for Arithmetic

A wide variety of mnemonic devices to make studying math easier!

2(Little Willy) + 2(Lost His) + 2(White Hat)

  Mnemonic Device: 2(Little Willy) + 2(Lost His) + 2(White Hat) Explanation: the formula to calculate the surface area of a rectangle 2LW+2LH+2WH

Kill Him Dead Or Don’t Call Me

  Mnemonic Device: Kill Him Dead Or Don’t Call Me Explanation: This allows for all metric measurements, not just meters. Kilo, Hecto, Deka, (Meters, Liters, OR Grams), Deci, Centi, Milli

Kentucky Chicken Fried

  Mnemonic Device: Kentucky Chicken Fried Explanation: used to remember division of fractions rule Kentucky: “K”eep the first fraction Chicken: “C”hange the division to multiplication Fried: “F”lip the second fraction

All Students Take Calculus

  Mnemonic Device: All Students Take Calculus Explanation: In quadrant I, ALL trigonometric functions are positive; in quadrant II, only Sine is positive; in quadrant III, only Tangent is positive;
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  Mnemonic Device: BODMAS* Brackets, Order, Division and Multiplication, Addition and Substraction Variation: BIDMAS* Brackets, Indices, Division and Multiplication, Addition and Subtraction Explanation: to remember the Order of Operations Additional Information: Orders,
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  Mnemonic Device: CAST Explanation: to remember the CAST Rule for trigonometric functions. Go counterclockwise, starting from the bottom right quadrant of graph axes. C is the area where the angle
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pe”rim”e t er

  Mnemonic Device: pe”rim”e t er Explanation: The t looks like a plus sign; therefore, you add the “rim” (sides).

“Mr. Mean”

  Mnemonic Device: “Mr. Mean” Explanation: to remember how to calculate the mean (average). draw a face: ++ c / How It Works: (Mr. Mean never smiles and makes you work)
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All Saints Take Cocaine

  Mnemonic Device: All Saints Take Cocaine Explanation: Trigonometric relation to recall that All functions are positive in the first quadrant, Sine is positive in the second, Tangent is positive
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“Some Old Hippy Caught Another Hippy Tripping On Acid.”

  Mnemonic Device: “Some Old Hippy Caught Another Hippy Tripping On Acid.” Explanation: to remember Sine, Cosine and Tangent, and their ratios, in Trigonometry Sine = Opposite/Hypotenuse Cosine = Adjacent/Hypotenuse Tangent
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