Mnemonic devices for spelling words

It can be a hassle to spell difficult words. Here are some interesting mnemonics to help with those tricky words


  Mnemonic Device: two Cots need two Mattresses in any ACCOMMODATION A “good” hotel accommodation always has 2 *C*hairs and 2 *M*attresses. Explanation: to remember the number of C’s and M’s
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  Mnemonic Device: A SECRETary has a SECRET. Explanation: A mnemonic device for spelling the word SECRETARY.


  Mnemonic Device: There is a LIE in the middle of beLIEve and beLIEf Explanation: a mnemonic device for spelling the word BELIEVE/BELIEF


  Mnemonic Device: Eat Quickly U (as in you) Are Late Explanation: to remember how to spell the word EQUAL


  Mnemonic Device: Ducks Eat Apples Rotten Explanation: for spelling the word DEAR


  Mnemonic Device: Heather likes the WEATHER hot (and if there is confusion about the spelling of heather, it grows on a heath) Whether it is here, or whether it
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Place words are always “here”

  Mnemonic Device: Place words are always “here” Here (in this place) There (in that place) Where (in which place) Nowhere (in no place) Elsewhere (in another place) Somewhere (in
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  Mnemonic Device: TOO has too MANY o’s, and this sentence does too. Explanation: for spelling the word TOO

b and d

  Mnemonic Device: Write the word b-e-d in lower case to remember which way round the b and the d go. It should look like a bed. The headboard and
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  Mnemonic Device: Mrs. D, Mrs. I, Mrs. FFI, Mrs. C, Mrs. U, Mrs. LTY Explanation: to remember how to spell the word DIFFICULTY