Mnemonic Device: There is no Ass in Occasion. Explanation: To remember how many S’s there are in Occasion.

Lose and Loose

  Mnemonic Device: Lose lost an O Explanation: to remember the difference in spelling Lose and Loose


  Mnemonic Device: Wheebo Hates Onions Explanation: to remember how to spell WHO. Make up a bizarre sounding name with W for the first word, which leads to the question: “Who?” Additional
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“affect” and “effect”

  Mnemonic Device: RAVEN R emember A ffect V erb E ffect N oun Explanation: to remember how to use “affect” and “effect” correctly

“AN hour and A half”

  Mnemonic Device: “AN hour and A half” Explanation: To remember when to use “a” or “an.” “An” is used for words whose first syllable sounds like a vowel. “A”
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  Mnemonic Device:  COffee is in the PercOlator. Explanation: To remember how to spell and pronounce PERCOLATOR.


  Mnemonic Device: Never assume as it makes an ASS out of U and ME  Explanation: to remember the correct spelling for the word ASSUME


  Mnemonic Device: TYRAnny Explanation: To remember how to spell TYRANNY using the name TYRA Banks on America’s Next Top Model.


  Mnemonic Device: Lie You Ten Ants Explanation: to spell the word LIEUTENANTS


  Mnemonic Device: Every Mother’s Boy Acts Rather Rudely After Some Sausages Explanation: for spelling the word EMBARRASS