Your Principal is your PAL

  Mnemonic Device: Your Principal is your PAL. Explanation: To show the difference between spelling principle and principal.

Piece of Pie

  Mnemonic Device: A piece of PIE Explanation: To spell the word PIECE. The word PIE is in the word PIECE.

“To Get Her” spells TOGETHER

  Mnemonic Device: To Get Her Explanation: for spelling the word Together TOGETHER is made up of the words: To Get Her


  Mnemonic Device: Late at night all the ghosts come and go “eeeeeeee!” Three E’s are buried in the cemetery. Explanation: To spell the word CEMETERY correctly. People frequently misspell “cemetery”
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  Mnemonic Device: A sheriff has one Rifle but Fires twice Explanation: to remember how many R’s and how many F’s are in the word Sheriff


  Mnemonic Device: His Yellow POT ENters USE. HYPO TEN USE Explanation: mnemonic device for spelling the word HYPOTENUSE (the longest leg of a right triangle)


  Mnemonic Device: ONO’s MA took her TO a POE Interpretation Assembly Explanation: A mnemonic device for spelling the word ONOMATOPOEIA.


  Mnemonic Device: People Eat Oranges, People Like Eating. Explanation: To remember how to spell PEOPLE.

E.T. was Quiet

  Mnemonic Device: E.T. was Quiet Explanation: To remember a trick when spelling QUIET. Think of the little alien who was a movie star, he was quiE.T.


  Mnemonic Device: Tomorrow, I will go with Tom, or Row. Should I go-go with TOM, OR ROW, Tomorrow? Explanation: To remember how to spell the word TOMORROW.