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Welcome to! Our site has 400+ free mnemonic devices. This memory tool empowers you to recall information quickly and easily. It will help you study and memorize large quantities of information more efficiently.

Using these memory aids, you’ll quickly commit to memory what you need to learn, and it will help you to remember it for the rest of your life!

Memory devices are not only great study tools, but they’re also very useful for everyday life.

What is a mnemonic device?
Mnemonics (pronounced “ne-mon’-ics”) assist the memory by using a system of rhymes, rules, phrases, diagrams, acronyms and other devices – all to help you learn, remember, and memorize names, dates, facts and figures. Most mnemonics work by letting you easily recall a word, phrase or poem, which in turn stands for more complicated information that you need to commit to memory. For instance, by remembering ‘ROY G. BIV’ you can reproduce the order and colors of the rainbow.
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