Periodic Table of Elements

A mnemonic for all 118 elements of the periodic table. Available in song/video format at How He Lives Beggars Belief, Constantly Nicking Old Foreign Necklaces. Nathan Magee Always Sits Patiently,
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Mnemonic device for the periodic table

Mnemonic device for the periodic table, table of elements: The Periodic Table (contributors   include Bob Gayhart and Dean Campbell) Group 1A (H Li Na K Rb Cs Fr): Highly
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Harry He Likes Beer But CanNot Obtain Food

Explanation To remember the first few elements of the Periodic Table.

Hi Hello Little Beryll Brown Cracking Nuts On Friday. Nellie’s Naughty Magpie Always Sings Pop Songs Clearly After Killing Cathy

Explanation Periodic Table – Atomic Weight 1st Twenty ElementsHydrogen 1, Helium 2, Lithium 3, Beryllium 4, Boron 5, Carbon 6, Nitrogen 7, Oxygen 8, Flourine 9, Neon 10, Sodium 11,
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How He Lies Because Boys Can Not Open Flowers

Explanation First nine elements in the Periodic Table