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mnemonic-device-logoCollection of mnemonic devices, easily searchable. Memory tools to help you learn and memorize. You’ll reproduce faster and forever..

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We have hundreds of mnemonic devices (or memory tools) in an easily searchable collection.
These tools can be a great help with your studies, but also in real life.
Use these learning techniques for memorizing difficult things like Pi or the colors of the rainbow.

Memory tools: Everybody uses them!
We know that you have some of your own.
If so, we would really like you to add your mnemonic.

How to use the site?
To search for a mnemonic device: use the search field in the top right hand corner, or browse the categories  (way below for mobile users).

Mnemonics on this site can be wrong. Use with caution ;-) If you do find an error: please describe why you think it’s wrong and email the link  of the device (or the device itself)  to

How to memorize stuff?
Mnemonics (pronounced “ne-mon’-ics”) do assist the memory by using a system of  rhymes, rules, phrases, diagrams, acronyms and other devices – all to help in the recall of names, dates, facts and figures.
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