We’re hiring! But….

Illustrations wanted
We would love to give our visitors more visuals. That could be an illustration, (might even be artistic/cartoon like pictures or real explanatory videos). I have a fork of this site in dutch where I make some visuals myself. Sometimes they’re just an artistic impression, of the subject, of the mnemonic. They might even not be to the point at all, but still have the quality of making the mnemonic more vivid by being funny. All kinds are welcome.

Regrettably I don’t have a giant budget for this. I know that illustrators are underpaid, and I would love to change that worldwide. But all I can offer is just a few dollars per item. If you nevertheless would like to have a go at it, then please contact me…..

Contact me
Do you want to know more? Do you want to contribute? Please contact me at [email protected] (please use the subject: participate, so I can filter out your message)

Enjoy the site!!